In introducing myself I have to admit that cinematography is the Driving force of my life and I love my Job.

2007 has been a great year for me, to be judged by ones peers and then Awarded the MILLI Award for AUSTRALIAN CINEMATOGRAPHER of the YEAR 2007 by the Australian Cinematographer Society has given me a real Buzz. As well as the Milli , I received a Golden Tripod For Best Cinematography in a Feature for “ The Worlds Fastest Indian ‘ and a Golden Tripod for Best Cinematography in a Commercial for “ Mitsubishi Triton “, It was a Grand Night. Both Directors Roger Donaldson and Dennis Hitchcock were very excited to hear the news.

I see the Directors as being the King and I am the Knight riding out to fulfill their challenges. Directors I work with know that there is nothing I like better than a Challenge.

Looking for things to say about oneself when modesty prevails is not easy, so I will leave it up to a Director I have shot four Feature Films with.

Robert Harmon: A Word about David Gribble

David Gribble ACS, is a Director of Photography that I have known and worked with for 13 years, is a unique talent. For this reason, I have worked with him in the United States, Canada and New Zealand, and would endeavor to do the same anywhere in the world.

Mr. Gribble’s talents lay particularly in his lighting and compositional abilities. Very few Directors of Photography have such an innate grasp of how to make a scene appear both very real and very beautiful. His extremely naturalistic use of film’s lighting instruments is based largely on his continued willingness to ‘take a chance.’ That is, most Directors of Photography would ‘play it safe,’ and therefore usually overlight a scene. Those cameramen may sleep better at night, but their work tends to feel false and, even for those not schooled in film technique or lighting, somehow lacking in depth and feeling.

In short, David is among a handful of internationally recognized Directors of Photography who have earned the right to work all over the world, and for some of the world’s most demanding directors.

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